Stepping Into Crypto

Let’s just set this up, alright?

About This Project

I say “project” like there’s a team of people trying to achieve marvelous things. It’s just me (base model male, early 30s) entering cryptocurrency markets for the first time. Starting from scratch with a $6,000 budget.

I’ll end up a shining example of why it’s not too late for anyone… or a cautionary tale. Either way here’s to science.

Why Now?

I was in college when Bitcoin hit the scene and jussst handsome enough to stand a puncher’s chance on Thursday-Saturday night. As with other important matters, crypto wasn’t on my radar.

After graduation, I was simply broke for a number of years. College ended mid-recession and my first job writing press releases paid $18,000/year after taxes. Rent, student loans, I pretty much survived on pb&j. Crazy to think I could have changed it all with a few bucks of Bitcoin. The prospect of losing or even locking up money was enough to keep me out for years.

Recognizing I’m behind several years, I still believe it’s very early in the grand scheme of things. Fundamentally, cryptocurrency makes sense to me and I think it’s part of the future. Pretty simple. I’m investing in the version of the world I want to live in.

What’s the budget? Can you afford to lose it?

I set aside $6,000 US Dollars for investing — I’ve chosen to do it in crypto. No bills will go unpaid as a result of this. Since I’m not wagering my life’s savings, I apologize in advance if you were hoping to watch me descend into madness.

Do you expect to get rich?

No, I do not expect to get quit-my-job rich. I’m investing with hope it becomes another source of savings years down the line. We’ll see how it goes. Speculation, am I right?

Why blog about it?

Because I find it all very exciting and worthy of discussion. I can’t imagine anyone will read this (as I have no meaningful platform from which to share it)… but I like to write and think it’ll be fun. If I was thinking about getting into crypto, or just someone wanting to watch a newbie make rookie mistakes, I might read it. Idk.

Why “Dr. Spaceman”?

I don’t think it matters who I am, so just call me Dr. Spaceman. If you’re familiar with 30 Rock, you might remember him as a doctor that clearly had no idea what he was doing. I can think of no better representation for this.



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Dr. Spaceman

Dr. Spaceman

Regular, everyday guy documenting my expedition into cryptocurrency. Floating in a most peculiar way.